Standard lying box
Standard lying box
Standard lying box
Standard lying box
Standard lying box

Standard lying box

The finished lying box plates can be delivered in two widths: 115 and 120 cm. The leading edge has a massive part to be able to drill the lying boxes. They are to be installed on floor beams that are included. In this way an inclination is created on the box and at the same time a manure strip between box deck and grid. The end panels already contain half a lying box, which simplifies the montage of separator tubes (drilling in the middle of the box instead of in the border of two box decks). The walls are standardly rounded, but if you want, they can also be delivered in a straight execution without extra cost.

We can also offer lying box decks with hygienic cubicle bed: in this way, the bock deck is placed 10 cm over the grid, which causes the full border to lay under the lying box. Result: cleaner alleys and no dirty border behind the lying box. Watch out: no manure groove anymore between the box deck and the grid. Moreover, it is not available in all lenghts!

In combination with the sealed slotted floor, the manure split between the box deck and the grid is closed to make the manure trench function better.

  • Available in widths 115 and 120 cm
  • Massive leading edge for drilling the lying boxes
  • Manure split between box covering and grid
  • Option hygienic cubicle bed
  • Option without manure split
ARTICLEL (cm)W (cm)H (cm)WEIGHT (kg)
Earth dryC45/55DE500BS25 mmRegrinded with fine quartz sand