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Use of rainwater

We use as much rainwater as possible in the production of our concrete. We have a catchment basin with a capacity of 2 million litres, enabling us to collect and buffer the water that falls on our storage space. Thanks to this rainwater buffering system, we hardly need any well water these days. By making intelligent use of this natural resource, we have reduced both our own water consumption and the pressure on local water resources.

Recycled water

Throughout our production process we have succeeded in reducing our wastewater to zero. By means of advanced water management systems and efficient water reuse, we avoid adverse impacts on the environment and ensure that valuable resources are not wasted, as was generally the case in traditional concrete production at one time.

Solar & Wind energy

A sustainable vision also includes a focus on green energy. With this in mind, we have covered the entire roof surface of our site with solar panels, allowing us to make use of renewable solar energy. We are also installing two wind turbines so that we can harness wind power for our activities. These two investments will reduce our CO2 emissions by as much as 360 tons annually.

We’re also investing in electric mobility. We’ve installed electric charging stations for our fleet. As these vehicles use the solar and wind energy we generate, we are able to offer a completely sustainable transport alternative.


Cobefa wants to carry out its business in a responsible manner and minimise its impact on the environment. Prefab production, for example, is a lot more sustainable since it can take place on our site. Cutting down on transport significantly reduces CO2 emissions. We also optimise our materials and partly work with recycled granules to prevent waste. Sustainable enterprise also means creative enterprise. By replacing 30 to 50% of the cement in our concrete mixtures with an alternative binding agent, without any impact on quality, we are also able to limit our CO2 emissions. Our collaboration with our fellow group company Comines Steel enables us to use tailor-made reinforcement, which means we hardly waste anything and don’t have to use reinforcement where it is not needed.

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