Silo panels
Silo panels
Silo panels

Silo panels

Silo panels are prefabricated walls that are poured and fixed in the floor panel. These panels can be loaded on both sides and can thus be used as soil retaining walls or storage.

- Higher concrete quality in comparison with walls that are poured on the spot
- Quick installation
- Nice finish
- Can be poured together with the floor panel

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910010080300149902 x screw sleeve M20Tongue-Groove
91201201003001411852 x screw sleeve M20Tongue-Groove
91401401153001413852 x screw sleeve M20Tongue-Groove
91601601353001415802 x screw sleeve M20Tongue-Groove
91801801553001417752 x screw sleeve M20Tongue-Groove
92002001703001419752 x screw sleeve M20Tongue-Groove
92302302003001524602 x screw sleeve M24Tongue-Groove
92502502002001517802 x screw sleeve M24Tongue-Groove
928028020020015-1822302 x screw sleeve M24Tongue-Groove
934034030020015-2027802 x screw sleeve M24Tongue-Groove
940040036020015-2032302 x screw sleeve M24Tongue-Groove
Finish interiorFinish backConcrete typeConcrete qualityLoadConcrete cover
SmoothLeveled off with a smootherSelf-compactingC50/60Double30 mm
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