L-shaped retaining walls
L-shaped retaining walls
L-shaped retaining walls
L-shaped retaining walls
L-shaped retaining walls
L-shaped retaining walls
L-shaped retaining walls
L-shaped retaining walls
L-shaped retaining walls
L-shaped retaining walls
L-shaped retaining walls
L-shaped retaining walls
L-shaped retaining walls

L-shaped retaining walls

Retaining walls are the ideal solution to set up large spaces like warehouses and industrial buildings in a quick, efficient and affordable way. Very often, retaining walls operate as an acoustic screen, or they are used to compensate small or large differences in height during landscaping.

This element allows single load and is especially used as gravity wall. The connection between two adjacent retaining walls is assured by a groove-groove joint. Together with its simple construction, this enables a flexible use in which the retaining walls can be easily moved.

- Flexibility
- Great stability
- Impeccable finish (self-compacting concrete)
- Can be combined perfectly in tiers (due to equal thickness at the top)
- Available in lengths 1m - 2m - 3m**


L60/1006059,51009257Smooth2x2,5T (DEHA)Groove-groove
L75/1007559,71009292Smooth2x2,5T (DEHA)Groove-groove
L100/100100601009352Smooth2x2,5T (DEHA)Groove-groove
L125/10012584.61009490Smooth2x2,5T (DEHA)Groove-groove
L150/100150851009555Smooth2x2,5T (DEHA)Groove-groove
L175/1001751101009743Smooth2x2,5T (DEHA)Groove-groove
L200/1002001101009800Smooth2x2,5T (DEHA)Groove-groove
L225/100225134.210091125Smooth2x2,5T (DEHA)Groove-groove
L250/10025013510091225Smooth2x2,5T (DEHA)Groove-groove
L300/10030016010091625Smooth2x2,5T (DEHA)Groove-groove
L325/100325185100122500Smooth2x5T (DEHA) + 3x 5T (FRIMEDAGroove-groove
L350/100350185100122570Smooth2x5T (DEHA) + 3x 5T (FRIMEDAGroove-groove
L375/100375230100122770Smooth2x5T (DEHA) + 3x 5T (FRIMEDAGroove-groove
L400/100400230100122845Smooth2x5T (DEHA) + 3x 5T (FRIMEDA)Groove-groove
L450/100450230100124205Smooth4x5T (DEHA) + 3x 5T (FRIMEDA)Groove-groove
L475/100475260100124400Smooth4x10T (DEHA) + 3x 10T (FRIMEDA)Groove-groove
L500/100500260100124435Smooth4x10T (DEHA) + 3x 10T (FRIMEDA)Groove-groove
L525/100525260100124505Smooth4x10T (DEHA) + 3x 10T (FRIMEDA)Groove-groove
L550/100550260100124575Smooth4x10T (DEHA) + 3x 10T (FRIMEDA)Groove-groove
L575/100575260100124650Smooth4x10T (DEHA) + 3x 10T (FRIMEDA)Groove-groove
L600/100600260100124722Smooth4x10T (DEHA) + 3x 10T (FRIMEDA)Groove-groove


L60/2006059,52009513Smooth2x2,5T (DEHA)Groove-groove
L75/2007559,72009583Smooth2x2,5T (DEHA)Groove-groove
L100/200100602009703Smooth2x2,5T (DEHA)Groove-groove
L125/20012584.62009975Smooth2x2,5T (DEHA)Groove-groove
L150/2001508520091110Smooth2x2,5T (DEHA)Groove-groove
L175/20017511020091487Smooth2x2,5T (DEHA)Groove-groove
L200/20020011020091600Smooth2x2,5T (DEHA)Groove-groove
L225/200225134.220092255Smooth2x2,5T (DEHA)Groove-groove
L250/20025013520092455Smooth2x2,5T (DEHA)Groove-groove
L300/20030016020093250Smooth2x2,5T (DEHA)Groove-groove
L325/200325185200124995Smooth2x5T (DEHA) + 3x 5T (FRIMEDAGroove-groove
L350/200350185200125140Smooth2x5T (DEHA) + 3x 5T (FRIMEDAGroove-groove
L375/200375230200125540Smooth2x5T (DEHA) + 3x 5T (FRIMEDAGroove-groove
L400/200400230200125685Smooth2x5T (DEHA) + 3x 5T (FRIMEDA)Groove-groove
L450/200450230200128410Smooth4x10T (DEHA) + 3x 10T (FRIMEDA)Groove-groove
L475/200475260200128726Smooth4x10T (DEHA) + 3x 10T (FRIMEDA)Groove-groove
L500/200500260200128870Smooth4x10T (DEHA) + 3x 10T (FRIMEDA)Groove-groove
L525/200525260200129014Smooth4x10T (DEHA) + 3x 10T (FRIMEDA)Groove-groove
L550/200550260200129158Smooth4x10T (DEHA) + 3x 10T (FRIMEDA)Groove-groove
L575/200575260200129302Smooth4x10T (DEHA) + 3x 10T (FRIMEDA)Groove-groove
L600/200600260200129445Smooth4x10T (DEHA) + 3x 10T (FRIMEDA)Groove-groove


L60/3006059,53009770Smooth2x2,5T (DEHA)Groove-groove
L75/3007559,73009875Smooth2x2,5T (DEHA)Groove-groove
L100/3001006030091055Smooth2x2,5T (DEHA)Groove-groove
L125/30012584.630091465Smooth2x2,5T (DEHA)Groove-groove
L150/3001508530091665Smooth2x2,5T (DEHA)Groove-groove
L175/30017511030092230Smooth2x2,5T (DEHA)Groove-groove
L200/30020011030092395Smooth2x2,5T (DEHA)Groove-groove
L225/300225134.230093380Smooth2x2,5T (DEHA)Groove-groove
L250/30025013530093680Smooth2x2,5T (DEHA)Groove-groove
Interior finishConcrete typeConcrete qualityLoadConcrete cover
SmoothSelf-compactingC55/67Single30 mm

Our retaining walls are calculated on an addition with land along the foot side with a similar weight of 1800 kg/m³ in combination with a surcharge of 1000 kg/m², which accords to about 10 T axle load. If you wish, we can also provide a surcharge of 2000 kg/m², which corresponds with an traffic load of 15 T axle load.

Al our calculation notes can be requested at any time.

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