Our vision

Cobefa is a dynamic company that has succeeded in retaining the charm of an SME despite its strong growth. For us, the customer is central. This is why we attach great importance to impeccable service, quality and flexibility. But the ‘drive’ needs to be there, too. This is our greatest strength: we not only think together with the customer, we also listen to their opinion and vision. This very often leads to new approaches and ultimately to new products and/or new techniques. Thanks to our team of about 50 motivated staff with years of experience and know-how together with a background in the agricultural sector, we are able to keep on growing.

The concrete industry is constantly evolving: certain standards are becoming more stringent, machines are becoming heavier… Naturally, we follow these developments closely to be able to offer the best quality at all times. Thanks to our shrewd investment policy, our company is equipped with the very latest concrete casting machines.

All our products are manufactured in accordance with the Belgian BENOR quality standards. In addition, all products bear the European CE label. Our lab technician constantly monitors the quality of our concrete composition and inspects our finished products daily for dimension stability, durability and finish.
Only the best for our customers.

Delivery and installation

We have three of our own trucks with a telescopic crane, so that our in-house drivers can deliver and unload our goods themselves. In addition, our experienced installation teams can fit the grid floors perfectly. Of course, we also work with regular external carriers, who deliver our products to our customers with the greatest care.

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